At Entropy, David Rice has written an excellent and thoughtful review of D. Foy’s novel Patricidepublished Oct. 3 by Stalking Horse Press. Here’s an extract, but please follow the link for the full review. Thank you David, and thank you Entropy!

“It starts out as a book – semi-autobiographical perhaps, or fully, who knows? – about a boy seeking vengeance on the man who failed to be the powerful, nurturing ‘Father’ he needed. But, over the course of 400 pages of strife, it turns into a book about forgiveness. Like Hesse’s Siddhartha, it traces a self-involved individual’s journey toward enlightenment, which only comes after he recognizes his own failings and forgives the man who supposedly passed them on, seeing him, instead, as a fellow-sufferer – a weak man, certainly, but not an evil one. In this way, the individual awakens to a deeper awareness of his place within the human family of fools, and stops wondering how he alone was dealt such a losing hand. Though it pulls no punches, Patricide summons great empathy in its examination of the ways in which we all err, and are united more by our shortcomings than our successes.”

Read the full review right HERE…

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