FLAPPERHOUSE Managing Editor Joseph P. O’Brien has been reading an advance review copy of Jessie Janeshek’s poetry collection The Shaky Phase, one of our five spring 2017 titles. He puts into words the exhilaration felt here when I first read the manuscript:

“Jessie Janeshek’s poetry vaporizes the walls in my brain, and floods it with visceral, musical, magical, sensual rapture. It’s hypnotic post-punk witchcraft streaming live from the deserts of the subconscious; it’s feral forest creatures & frisky mountain housewives eating mushrooms and reading each others’ dream journals. In other words, it’s my favorite poetry on Earth right now, and The Shaky Phase is an exemplary collection of it.” —Joseph P. O’Brien

You can preorder The Shaky Phase directly from the Stalking Horse Press Store.

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