Congratulations on finishing your manuscript! Stalking Horse Press welcomes submissions of novels, poetry, and non-fiction, both unsolicited and agent represented, and we aim to respond within 60 days, but sometimes we slip behind due to volume. We are only interested in complete manuscripts. We are unable to read unfinished work, extracts of a forthcoming project, or to respond to a synopsis of what a novel might be. We are not anti-genre, but we are anti-generic. Stalking Horse is not for seven-part fantasy epics, nor airport bookstore thrillers, and words ‘series’ or ‘sequel’ should probably not appear in your cover letter. We read for style, and recommend that you become familiar with a few of our titles before submitting. If your work is spiky, angular, errant, unconcerned with bourgeois tendencies and novels of manners, then Stalking Horse might be the press for you. Yes, we charge a nominal reading fee of $3. If you don’t think your work is worth $3 of virtual postage, please do not send it. Otherwise, we look forward to hearing from you.